What is a Health Coach?

We all know what we need to do to be healthier. A health coach gives you the specifics and holds you accountable to make these changes. They are the missing link within our current health care system, taking knowledge of healthy behaviors and turning them into habit. They work to support clients to make lasting behavioral changes around food, diet, exercise and lifestyle.

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Program Details

Attend One-On-One, Bi-Weekly Meetings With Your Personal Health Coach

Receive Email and Phone Support Between Meetings

Learn Through Monthly Special Events i.e. grocery store tour, cooking classes, fridge make-over

Enjoy Three, 1hr. Private Yoga Sessions

Receive Educational Materials to Support Your Growth i.e. books, handouts, recipes and more

Make a 6-Month Commitment to Your Health!

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What is a Nutrition Consultation?

Would you like personalized and professional advice, support and accountability regarding your health? During a nutrition consultation you will learn how the food you are eating affects your mind, body and soul. Learn how food can be used to prevent disease and promote a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Recommendations for change and education on nutrition and lifestyle habits will be provided.

After your meeting, a post consultation email will be sent with a detailed review of what was covered, action items to move you towards your health goals and educational hands-outs to support your growth. Enjoy a full hour of being heard regarding your health!