Kale Basil Pesto

P E S T O- yum! I personally, can not get enough of the stuff. Here is one of my favorite pesto recipes. I like to put it over spaghetti squash, mix it into my veggie egg scramble or over top a quinoa salad bowl, with arugula, tomatoes, pine nuts and goat cheese. So many options- enjoy!


•      1 cup cold press  olive oil
•      2 cups fresh basil
•      2 cups fresh kale (de-stemed)
•      1 cup shredded parmesan cheese OR *Dairy Free* sub for nutritional yeast
•      3 tablespoons pine nuts (pine nuts are expensive- feel free to sub out for walnuts, almonds or the nut of your choice)
•      Salt/Pepper to taste
•      1/2 lemon juiced
•      2 medium garlic cloves


1.     Depending on how effective your blender, combined olive oil, pine nuts, garlic, ½  lemon juice squeezed, salt, pepper, Parmesan or nutritional yeast, turn on low and allow  to mix.
2.    Next, rip your kale into smaller pieces (for weaker blenders, chop finely) and place in  blender with basil. Blend until desired texture.
3.    Enjoy!

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