Making Your Intentions a Reality – Happy 2018!

Happy New Year!


There is nothing as empowering as a clean slate with the potential for new beginnings. This week is a great time to reflect on our growth from the previous year, digest the lessons presented and set intentions for the fresh new year to come.


I prefer the concept of ‘Intentions’ as I find it more expansive and liberating whereas ‘Goals’ tends to feel more 1 dimensional and constrained. Our intentions should bring our mind into focus while allowing us to show up as our best self. They should open us to new opportunities, perhaps opportunities we haven’t even anticipated.


Often, we forget how much control we have over our lives. While we can’t control the curve balls life throws at us, we can control how we choose to respond or react to these inevitable hurdles. Don’t forget that’s YOU in the driver’s seat.


When setting intentions we allow ourselves to acknowledge our deepest dreams so that we may live a life full of purpose. It’s up to us to create the life we truly want. It is so easy to get swept away in the daily to-dos and our busy modern-day lifestyles. Take time to reflect and prepare in this new year so that you find a path that inspires you and makes you proud.


Here are my three favorite New Years traditions. I hope you enjoy!


Your Year’s Highlights:

Gratitude is the ‘gateway drug’ to happiness and you have to use your gratitude muscle to keep it strong.

Sit down with your calendar from the previous year and pull out a blank sheet of paper. List the 12 months vertically down the left edge and after each, write a highlight or two from that month. Think of trips taken, goals accomplished or new relationships made. Bring focus to all the wonderful things that happened over the past year. Archive these sheets to look back on them over the years.

Then take a moment and reflect. Have you followed your heart over the last year. Do you feel you lived with intention and are you creating the life you truly want?


Set Your Word or Phrase for the Year to come:

Summarize your intention for the year in a word or phrase. What do you want more of in your life? Think of this as a mantra to repeat that will keep you focused. The simple repeating of this word will remind you to align your actions and behaviors with your intentions and purpose.


Make a Road Map:

Connect your intention with your actions. A target with no plan is just a daydream. What actions will lead you to more of what you want? Let this map span all aspects of your life, think health, business, relationships, personal growth, money etc. Here is how to do this…


Place your year’s concept, word or phrase in the center circle (for instance “Health”).

Then brainstorm and list a few of the key elements that comprise your word/concept (for instance “movement, meditation, nutrition, community”). Here you can list projects, trips, health goals, feelings etc. Be creative as you map your road from intention to reality.

Then for each element set at least 3 realistic and do-able action items. For example:


  1. Eat clean by reading all food labels
  2. Focus on hydration by getting 2 liters of water a day
  3. A daily dose of fermented food for gut health


  1. Commit to 30 minutes of movement, daily
  2. Sign up for a movement class with a friend
  3. Every Sunday night schedule your upcoming week’s movement activities


Research shows that a solid, committed accountability partner can increase your success rates by 85%. There are so many ways to create accountability in your life — join a group, join a challenge, share your intentions with friends who will hold you accountable, etc, etc! This concept is often overlooked yet critical for success.

May your year overflow with good health, purpose and intention.

Yours truly,




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