Ready to dive deep, inspire others and further your yogic wisdom? Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, you will be supported and challenged to deepen your yogic knowledge, participate in self-study and develop and refine your teaching skills. This unique experience will encourage you to peel back the layers and take both your teaching and yoga knowledge to the next level. 


Program Overview 


Private One-On-One Mentor Meetings:

These structured sessions will give you time to check in with goals and objectives. Answer questions, talk yoga theory and get support. 


Asana & Meditation Practice:

You will be required to practice asana 4x & meditate 2x each week. A mix between home practice and attending local classes will be worked out at the beginning of your program. You will also receive the student rate for Yoga Durango class passes while enrolled in the mentorship program.



You will be required to keep a practice journal during your program. Two books will be assigned at the start of your course and a short book report will be due by completion. Additionally, two written assignments will be given and completed.



You will be required to observe 3 classes. You and your mentor will have a brief meeting to answer questions after the class. If you are comfortable you will have the opportunity to assist your mentor’s class.


Teaching Skills:

Your mentor will support you in developing and refining your teaching voice. Helping you to inspire through the power of words, in your own authentic way. You will work with your mentor to learn the art of sequencing. This will give you the confidence and understanding to teach a powerful class to any level of practitioner. The business of yoga and the how to give safe and powerful adjustments will also be reviewed.


Length: 3 months

Investment: $950

Questions: Contact Sarah Klein directly at wholehealthlab@gmail.com or 585.613.1981


“The universe is a stage on which your mind dances with your body, guided by the music of your heart.”