Progressive Relaxation Technique to help you fall asleep

Did you know that research shows when we get 4 hours of sleep or less, cancer fighting cells, called natural killer cells, drop by 70%. Or, during daylight savings when we lose an hour of sleep in the spring, heart attacks go up by 24%. But when we gain an hour they go down 21%. Or when we get 6 hours or less of sleep our hunger cues and cravings increase the following day, directly impacting the amount we eat.


We all know sleep is important, but sometimes we don’t realize HOW important it is. Or prioritize it in the way we should. It truly is the cornerstone to health.

If you find that your mind is racing before bed here is a great meditation to interrupt the thought process that can keep you from falling asleep. Progressive relaxation technique will also help to calm your nervous system and give you the chance to drift off peacefully. Research shows that people who were taught progressive relaxation technique slept longer in any given night. Most likely because of their ability to fall asleep faster.

We all face a heavy mind keeping us from sleep at one point or another. So familiarize yourself with this simple and useful technique. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Try out Progressive Relaxation Technique by hitting play below…


Sleep well,

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